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Etashe‘s work as a Content Strategist for The Naira Haus is commendable. Through her direction, The Naira Haus has seen an increase in brand awareness. She values quality and takes her time to understand your brand to ensure that the end product is well crafted to your needs. She has been able to find the missing piece for the brand’s content and creative direction without compromising the brand’s vision.

She is very sharp and good at what she does. I highly recommend her if you want a clear direction for your brand or business. __Tracy, founder of Naush Labs.

🔥 Results

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  1. Grown product signups from 0 to over 40 within 7 months, for a hyper-niche B2B/B2C brand, organically.

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  2. Resulted in a 49% average newsletter open rate and a 12% click rate.

  3. Grown Instagram reach from 80 to 20,665 in 8 months.

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📈 My process

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<aside> <img src="/icons/credit-card_gray.svg" alt="/icons/credit-card_gray.svg" width="40px" /> I charge per project, not hourly. Or a monthly retainer fee depending on the project scope and length.

Creating a long-term partnership with clients is important to me, to help you achieve the best results with our marketing efforts. I’m happy to learn more about the scope of your project and discuss your needs.